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Jacked Factory gets together with John Wick for a Cognizin-powered pre-workout

Jacked Factory Wick Mode

Jacked Factory has a new pre-workout this month, similarly stacked as its other competitors like Nitro Surge and the premium Nitro Surge Max, but featuring its own individual combination of ingredients. The supplement is called Wick Mode, and it is an interesting one as it is actually an authentic collaboration with a blockbuster film. The brand has got together with the major entertainment corporation, Lionsgate, specifically its hit action franchise, John Wick, which has spawned a television series and four feature films, another one on the way.

Jacked Factory and John Wick’s Wick Mode pre-workout is relatively well-rounded, featuring ingredients for all of the core benefits and effects, with plenty of attention on the sensory side of energy and mental focus. The supplement is no slouch in the other areas; however, packing 8g of pure citrulline for muscle pumps and a higher-than-usual 4g of bet-alanine for performance and endurance. The rest of the formula is for energy and focus, again, where the product has been built to shine and offer that genuine John Wick experience.

Jacked Factory Wick Mode Label

Primarily for focus and cognition, Jacked Factory’s Wick Mode pre-workout, in partnership with Lionsgate and John Wick, has a solid 2g of tyrosine, 100mg of theobromine, a calming dose of theanine also at 100mg, and a full and effective 250mg of the premium and proven Cognizin citicoline. Caffeine is, of course, in the supplement as well, by way of just under 400mg, a combined 400mg, with 300mg of that coming from the traditional caffeine anhydrous and 100mg of the longer-lasting Infinergy di-caffeine malate.

The online retail giant Amazon is one of the first places stocking Jacked Factory and John Wick’s authentic collaboration, which appropriately reads “Focus. Commitment. Sheer Will” right across the front of its bottle. From Amazon, you can get a full-size tub of the Cognizin-fueled and focus-heavy pre-workout at $39.99, a bit more than the cost of the brand’s premium pre-workout Nitro Surge Max at $34.99. There are two flavors available in Baba Yaga Blue Raz and Osaka Cherry Blossom, only the former of the two is available at the moment.