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The Curse creator announces a premium isolate-first competitor for the protein category

Jnx Sports The Curse Protein Powder

The mysteriously teased supplement by JNX Sports has been revealed, and it has turned out to be its first-ever entry into the saturated category of protein powder with a spin-off from its signature stimulant pre-workout, The Curse, introducing The Curse Ultra Premium Whey. JNX Sports’ The Curse named protein product is made with a clean, nutritious and quality formula designed specifically to give loyal fans and loyal protein powder users a supplement they can rely on for a lean and effective source of protein.

JNX Sports The Curse Ultra Premium Whey does indeed rely on whey for its protein with a blend of mostly high-quality isolate then concentrate, combining for 25g of muscle-building protein in every serving. The rest of the nutrition profile is impeccably lean and low at 2g of carbohydrates, half of that sugar and the other half fiber, 1.5g of fat, and 120 calories. Those numbers are incredibly reasonable, again, delivering on that primary purpose of being a high-quality and ever-reliable source of protein.

JNX Sports is looking to launch its first-ever protein powder, The Curse Ultra Premium Whey, within the next week or so, and it is keeping things traditional but, of course, delicious in the taste department with Double Chocolate and Vanilla Bean. The nutrition supplement is expected to be competitively priced, as is the case with the brand’s original pre-workout The Curse, and JNX Sports will have many ways for fans to purchase or try the product in traditional 2lb and 5lb tubs, a sample bundle, and single sample packs.