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Jocko aims to elevate energy, sharpen focus and reduce stress in its latest supplement

Jocko Brain Power

Jocko Willink’s brand, simply known as Jocko, has put something together for the nootropic space, aptly named Brain Power. The supplement has been built entirely to support brain health and cognition from multiple angles for a genuinely well-rounded experience that fits right into the brand’s current lineup. Brain Power does offer immediate benefits, an experience you’ll feel right from the first dose, meaning you can use it where you see fit; for example, in the morning on work days or right before a workout.

Jocko’s Brain Power comes with 12 different ingredients to comprehensively fight mental fatigue — referred to as brain fog — enhance focus and cognition, increase and elevate energy, and reduce stress. That blend of effects will most definitely improve your ability to think and process things calmly, and you can take it as much as twice a day, albeit recommended separately, so if you throw down a serving in the morning for a strong, stress-free start to your day, you could have it again for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Brain Power sees Jocko bring together Compound Solutions’ dynamic duo to support caffeine-free energy and focus with Dynamine and TeaCrine at 75mg and 50mg, respectively, and 150mg each of alpha-GPC and citicoline. As mentioned, there are several other components in the supplement, including 300mg of rhodiola, 400mg of acetyl-l-carnitine, and the smooth, energizing pair of natural caffeine from green coffee bean and theanine, the latter at 50mg and the former at a moderate 100mg per serving.

Jocko Willink’s brand does already have a number of products for energy, most notably, its popular, zero sugar, and practically no-calorie Jocko Go Energy Drink, and, of course, its advanced and less than half a year old Jocko Pre-Workout. You can purchase Jocko Brain Power at in bottles of 30 servings, which could be more than the usual month’s supply if you use it sporadically, at a price of $39.95, or if you get in soon there is a sitewide sale offering 20% discount, lowering the drop to $32.

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