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Lenny & Larry’s puts protein into crunchy pretzels with three flavors to choose from

Lenny Larry Fitzels Protein Pretzels

Lenny & Larry’s has come a long way since building a name and brand around its original, high-protein, and also high-calorie Complete Cookie. There is a lot more to its selection than ever before, with several protein-packed snacks and treats available, like the Dip’d Wafer, one of our preferred items from the line in the Cookie-Fied Bar, and the Oreo-like Complete Cremes. The functional innovator has another entirely new format and product to introduce to fans this week with Lenny & Larry’s Fitzels Protein Pretzels.

The crispy and crunchy bite-sized snack says it all in its name: Fitzels Protein Pretzels. It is a moderately sized 3oz or 85g bag of crispy and crunchy pretzels that are higher in protein than the traditional food. Lenny & Larry’s pretzel creation is similar to its Complete Cookie in that it does indeed have a good amount of protein, but there is a lot more nutrition to it. Every bag has 18g of plant-based protein as well as 39 to 45g of carbohydrates, just 1g of that sugar, 13 to 14g of fat, and a hefty calorie count of 370 to 380.

Lenny Larry Fitzels Protein Pretzels

All of that comes packed into sizeable bags of rectangular pretzels with three undoubtedly great-tasting flavors to choose from in Bouje Mustard, Pizza Palooza, and a classic Everything Bagel. It is worth highlighting the size a second time as the bag is certainly not light, again tipping the scales at 85g a piece. That is actually closer to a full-size 4oz Complete Cookie than your traditional 55g protein bar, but that makes sense knowing the other macros in Fitzels Protein Pretzels outside of the called-out 18g of protein.

Lenny & Larry’s Fitzels Protein Pretzels are available directly through its online store, and they’re currently discounted to go with the debut of the intriguing and rare format. You get eight bags in every box of the high-protein snack, and while they usually cost $19.99 from, that’s been temporarily dropped to $16, working out to $2 a bag. That goes for any of the three flavors — Bouje Mustard, Pizza Palooza, and Everything Bagel — with no variety bundle, unfortunately, to try all three in the one set.