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Coinbase wins Liquid Death’s auction to place an ad on over half a million of its cases

Liquid Death Auctions Off An Ad On Its Cases

With Liquid Death falling into Stack3d’s world of news thanks to the introduction of its first-ever supplement, the hydration stick pack Death Dust, we’ll be following the canned water company a lot closer and sharing some of its fun and entertaining developments, including its latest stunt. For those not familiar with Liquid Death or at least its bulk boxes of multiple cans, at the bottom of those, it prints intriguing and eye-catching artwork as opposed to maybe a flat color or just leaving it as plain cardboard.

Earlier this month, Liquid Death put up an auction on eBay for the opportunity to print an advertisement on that typically art-filled area of its cases, and it climbed to an eye-watering $355,500, although it turned out that some bidders were simply not able to offer more due to a technical issue. The creative canned water company went on to take direct bids and has announced this week that the opportunity sold for a much higher $500,114, and it even named the winner in the trusted crypto exchange Coinbase.

Coinbase will indeed get an advertisement placed on over half a million of Liquid Death’s multi-can cases, with the space itself being a little smaller than the traditional letter size of 7.5″ by 10.6″. With the placements that the brand has in mainstream stores and retailers, it says more than 200 million people will walk by the product, and obviously, every buyer of a box is going to see it up close.

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