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Spain’s Max Protein releases its first authentic collaboration under its Grandma’s Sauces Series

Max Protein Grandmas Grefusa Salsa Sauce

One of the many families of products available from Max Protein in Spain is the Grandma’s Series, which is a family of delicious condiments and a huge selection of flavors, all of them designed to replicate familiar tastes and recipes but with better-for-you macros that are low in sugar, carbohydrates, and calories. We saw the health, lifestyle, and functional company add many extensions to the line last year, and continuing that focus here in 2024 is another Grandma’s Series sauce, specifically its sub-category of enjoyable BBQ Sauces.

Max Protein already has several flavors to choose from under its Grandma’s Series and BBQ Sauces, including Korean Style, Surry Sauce, and Smoked Style, all of which were launched last year. Expanding the family this week is actually an authentic collaboration, something the brand has plenty of experience with, although it had yet to take things in this direction. Max Protein has come together with the fellow Spanish company Grefusa and created a Tijuana Salsa sauce based around its spicy Tijuana Pipas roasted sunflower seeds.

In the typical style of Max Protein’s Grandma’s Sauces, the macros on the new Grefusa collaboration are almost non-existent, with a 30g of the Grefusa Tijuana Pipas-inspired Tijuana Salsa, and that is a healthy serving, having 300mg of protein, zero fat, 1.8g of carbohydrates, and under a gram of that sugar. The product is a great extension of the brand and its ever-growing Grandma’s Series of better-for-you condiments, and it is rolling out to stores and stockists in its home country of Spain this month in a 290g squeeze bottle.