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Grandma’s Sauce Series adds its third flavor in less than a month in Smoked Style BBQ

Max Protein Smoked Style Bbq Grandmas Sauce

The typically creative and functional company, Max Protein from Spain, has been on a roll as of late, releasing new flavors for its long-running and extensive Grandma’s Sauce Series. That is despite the product already having many different tastes available with traditional options like Ketchup, Pancake Syrup, Mexican, Korean Style, and some more dessert-type flavors such as a sweet Strawberry, Pastry Cream, and decadent Chocolate.

Max Protein is back again, adding another option to its Grandma’s Sauce family after welcoming Korean Style BBQ and Curry only a few weeks ago. The latest sauce creation from the Spanish company is similar to some of its others in a new BBQ-type sauce with Smoked Style BBQ, promising a tasty combination of bundy rum and hickory smoke. It has the typical Grandma’s Sauce features of low calories at 13 in a 30ml serving.