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‘Merica Labz will give you a free pre-workout if you get your hair cut at its Arnold booth

Merica Labz Free Haircut At The Arnold

Doug Miller’s stable of brands is a staple of the Arnold Expo, where Core Nutritionals, ‘Merica Labz, and Arms Race Nutrition show up and show out, taking up a lot of space in the Greater Columbus Convention Center all across from one another. In one week, the highly anticipated 2024 edition of the Arnold Expo is going down in Columbus, Ohio, as always, and not only will all of Doug’s supplement companies be making an appearance, but one, in particular, is putting in extra effort and doing something very different.

‘Merica Labz is actually going to have a barber or hairdresser at its booth for the Arnold Sports Festival, and she is indeed going to be offering visitors, specifically of the ‘Merica Labz booth, a free cut. There is no cost; you just need to line up during the eight hours the barber is going to be there on each of the days of the show. She is doing three styles and three only, including a bowl cut, mullet, and the Star-Spangled Banner patterned into your hair, and if you do indeed decide to get it done, there is a reward.

Absolutely everyone who lines up and gets their hair cut by ‘Merica Labz and their barber, will walk away with a free tub of the brand’s potent, high-powered stimulant pre-workout F-Bomb. As mentioned, the most ‘Merican brand in the supplement industry is doing something different, and you don’t get much more different and alternative than cutting hair live on the expo floor in a mullet, bowl cut, or the American flag.