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‘Merica shares the potent stim-heavy formula powering its F-Bomb pre-workout

Merica Labz F Bomb Pre Workout

‘Merica Labz promised several new pre-workouts for launch later this year, as many as five, including the return of Red, White & Boom Napalm Edition, Z-Bomb, and the mysteriously named Castle Bravo. Another supplement said to be making its way out to market in 2022 was F-Bomb, first mentioned at the end of last year, and a powerhouse pre-workout we’ve finally got the full reveal of for you today.

F-Bomb is an absolute beast of a pre-workout from ‘Merica Labz, which is known for well-put-together supplements for the category ever since its first iteration of Red, White & Boom. F-Bomb is almost a nod to that original product, coming packed full of hefty dosages, and while it does have somewhat of a well-rounded approach, a lot of its ingredients are there to drive intense energy and focus.

You can see the facts panel for ‘Merica Labz F-Bomb in the image below, and it is certainly not short on highlights. Powering performance, the brand has thrown in double the usual 3.2g of beta-alanine at a hefty 6.4g. As for enhancing muscle pumps, ‘Merica has a full 1.5g of Nitrosigine and another premium pump component in FitNOX at 250mg.

Merica Labz F Bomb Pre Workout Label

The rest of the ingredients in F-Bomb are there for a potent stimulant experience, including just under half a gram of caffeine, with 400mg of caffeine anhydrous and 100mg of di-caffeine malate. To further drive the energy and focus, you get 100mg of halostachine, 3mg of yohimbine, 100mcg of huperzine a, 50mg of synephrine, a gram of tyrosine, 300mg of alpha-GPC, and 300mg of the intense eria jarensis.

F-Bomb is expected to launch directly through ‘Merica Labz online store within the next week or so, and if it’s like most of the brand’s new releases, it’ll go live on Monday. The supplement is a great additional offering for the pre-workout category, as it does indeed have a point of difference next to the brand’s other competitors, being designed for a potent, hard-hitting, stim-bomb experience.