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Monster’s latest Ultra flavor Fantasy Ruby Red is hitting shelves in 16oz and 12oz sizes

Monster Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red 12oz

Not all, but some of Monster’s delicious flavors of the no-sugar, next-to-no-calorie Monster Ultra Energy Drink are available in 16oz cans and the 25% smaller, slim and sleek, 12oz can, including the original white Monster Ultra, and the more recent extensions, Ultra Peachy Keen and Ultra Strawberry Dreams. The latest flavor of that top-tasting, easily accessible, and internationally available beverage is Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red, offering a sweet grapefruit-type experience officially and specifically described as fresh pink pamplemousse.

Fans of Monster and energy drink connoisseurs all across the US have found and got their hands on the newly released Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red Monster Ultra Energy Drink in that signature 16oz can size packing 150mg of caffeine for energy, no sugar, and only ten calories. Also, coming soon to stores in that refreshing grapefruit flavor or officially fresh pink pamplemousse, is that 12oz option, offering lower numbers in all areas, including five calories, a slightly lighter 110mg of caffeine, and, of course, still absolutely no sugar.