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Amazon begins taking pre-orders for Monster’s all-new Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red

Where To Buy Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red

Monster introduced an exciting new flavor of its always enjoyable and incredibly on-point Monster Ultra Energy Drink at the NACS Show last year with the three-color Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red. We did indeed get to try the beverage at the industry-level event, which was tasty and as good as the rest of the beverage’s menu, and Monster described it to us as a red grapefruit experience. All these months later, the long-awaited Monster Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red is rolling out this month and can actually already be pre-ordered.

Over on Amazon, Monster is taking pre-orders for cases of the Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red flavor of the Monster Ultra Energy drink, featuring its usual 150mg of caffeine for energy, absolutely no sugar, and a low ten calories a can. The pre-order is for a larger-than-usual case of 15 cans, not 12, and the price is pretty damn good at $26.56, working out to $1.77 each. Shipping is not far away either, with Amazon saying pre-orders are set to ship out on the 12th of this month, and that is only four days away on Monday of next week.

On another note, Monster has put out an official description for the taste of its all-new Ultra Fantasy Ruby Red, saying it is fresh pink Pamplemousse. Pamplemousse, also known as pomelo, is a giant citrus fruit and is actually what grapefruit is a hybrid of, being a cross between sweet orange and pomelo. That’s right around the sort of explanation we were given at NACS, and it’s definitely a taste all on its own, separate from the many other options out in the market for the legendary, globally known Monster Ultra energy drink.