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MTS Nutrition changes its approach to size in its well-known Machine Whey protein powder

Mts Nutrition 25 Serving Machine Whey

Marc Lobliner and Tiger Fitness’ house brand, MTS Nutrition, built an incredibly strong name for itself early on in its journey with the help of its straightforward, nutritious, and great-tasting protein powder, Machine Whey. That supplement has indeed won our annual protein powder showdown, the Protein Wars, and it has pumped out some incredibly enjoyable flavors over the years in its classic 2lb and 5lb tub sizes, one of which is an all-time favorite of our’s, in the genuinely unique, Peanut Butter Cookies & Cream.

Tiger Fitness and MTS Nutrition are looking to make a change to their long-running Machine Whey protein powder, and it is a rather large one. The house brand is shifting its strategy and focusing primarily on the 2lb size, or thereabouts, which has become the way to go in North America, as opposed to that traditional 2lb, 5lb, and even 10lb route. The product isn’t actually going to be 2lbs exactly; it’s a 25-serving jug, and depending on the flavor, that’ll be below, around, or above 2lbs, but either way, you’ll get 25 servings.

The reliable ingredients and solid nutrition profile remain the same, with 25 to 26g of protein from whey concentrate and isolate, and the great taste of MTS Nutrition’s Machine Whey protein powder is still very much present. The menu is, however, taking a hit and shifting down to four flavors in Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream, Cookies & Cream, and Ice Cream Sandwich. The overhauled product is launching early next month, although if you’re a Machine Whey fan, you can get in early, pre-order, and save 25% at $29.99 for a single 25-serving tub.