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Moose Juice maker releases a more traditional dairy-based protein powder

Muscle Moose Protein Shake

The company behind the widely known Moose Juice energy drink, Muscle Moose, is more than familiar with high-protein products, although not in the traditional supplement format of protein powder. The functional specialist has experience in protein snacks and foods, such as its light and crunchy Mountain Chips and its genuinely delicious Dinky Protein Bar. It does have a plant-based protein powder named Plant Party, which has just been joined by something relying on the classic whey to provide its protein.

Muscle Moose Protein Shake is an all-new product, and it is as straightforward as it comes in the highly competitive and heavily saturated protein powder category. The brand has combined whey and milk concentrate to provide 17g of protein in a 25g serving, which can be scaled up to a 36.7g serving to pump the total up to the more common 25g of protein. The carbohydrates in the facts panel at the 25g serving sit at a light 1.5g, all of that being sugar, a similarly low amount of fat at 1.2g, and 83 calories.

As you can see, Protein Shake from Muscle Moose has a basic blend of ingredients and macros, and it is available in three different flavors, all of them are as traditional as the formula with Chocolate Muffin, Vanilla Ice Cream, and for a fruity touch, Strawberries and Cream. You can get the supplement directly through the Muscle Moose website, and while the price is nice and low at £16.99 (21.57 USD), that’s because it’s for a small 400g bag that has 16 servings, or about ten if you want that 25g of protein in each.