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MuscleBlaze introduces CreAbsorb for better creatine absorption but doesn’t provide much information

Muscleblaze Creamp

MuscleBlaze in India has found room in its already overloaded selection of supplements for another creatine competitor to go alongside its relatively straightforward CreaPro, which is a standalone creatine monohydrate but not just any version; it’s Germany’s famous Creapure creatine monohydrate. CreAMP is the latest from the well distributed brand, and while it sounds promising, it hasn’t unfortunately included as much detail about what makes this different as we would’ve liked or have seen from other innovations.

CreAMP from MuscleBlaze features 3g of regular creatine monohydrate per serving, although it does come in bulk powder, so you could easily increase the serving to 5.1 to 5.2g or so to get that more typical 5g amount of the classic muscle-building ingredient. Where the brand separates its effort from most other standalone creatines is that CreAMP also has something called MB CreAbsorb, a patent-pending creation from MuscleBlaze itself that is said to enhance the absorption and overall efficacy of creatine.

As mentioned, MB CreAbsorb is from the brand that makes the supplement, CreAMP, and interestingly, it has not outlined what CreAbsorb actually is, only listing on the label of the creatine-powered product “MB CreAbsorb” as opposed to other absorption enhancers like BioPerine (black pepper extract). As mentioned, it’s a promising innovation from MuscleBlaze that we would’ve liked to see more details on; either way, you can grab CreAMP directly from starting this month in three separate sizes, all unflavored with 100g, 250g, and a large 400g tub saving you the most money at ₹1,499 (18.09 USD).

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