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MusclePharm’s multivitamin is back and with a touch of its original Armor-V

Musclepharm Multi V

The brand originally known as The Athlete’s Company, MusclePharm, recently promised it would be bringing back some of its discontinued supplements under its FitLife Brands ownership, and we’ve got a taste of that this week. MusclePharm has resurrected its essential health and wellness product Multi-V, although the formula behind this version is quite different from the last time we saw Multi-V; in fact, it’s closer to the brand’s first-ever and more comprehensive multivitamin from way back in the day with Armor-V.

MusclePharm has packed its returning Multi-V with a well-rounded blend of vitamins and minerals, the primary purpose of a quality multivitamin. Outside of that is where the supplement becomes more like Armor-V than the previous iteration of Multi-V. The brand has added a bunch of superfood ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, and various other nutrient and antioxidant sources, as well as immune-supporting components like echinacea and a selection of enzymes and probiotics for digestion and gut health.

Musclepharm Multi V Label

Again, the addition of immunity and, specifically, superfoods and digestion ingredients is what really makes Multi-V more like the classic Armor-V than the Multi-V we had come to learn and know in more recent years. At the end of the day, MusclePharm’s multivitamin Multi-V is back, and with that improved formula. It rolls everything into a 50% larger serving size of three tablets and directly through the brand’s online store at, you can purchase it starting this week at $39.99 for a bottle of 30 servings.