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Raspberry Lemon Tea takes Norse Fitness’ reputable nootropic to a menu of three

Norse Fitness Raspberry Lemon Tea Fokus

Norse Fitness’ first-ever supplement was the well-put-together, reliable, but most of all, effective nootropic Fokus, backed by a strong selection of ingredients to help reduce stress, enhance mental focus, improve cognition, and boost energy. The product still features its original core combination of components, including a solid 600mg of alpha-GPC, extended-release caffeine, and Shoden ashwagandha, with a couple of changes since that original, including a move to zumXR and an added 300mg of the caffeineless stimulant, extra.

Fokus was actually a collaboration effort between Norse Fitness and the reputable retailer The Nutrition Stores, where if you head to this month, you’ll find a fresh new flavor available. It was about three years ago that the nootropic came to market in a lone Blissful Blueberry Mead flavor, then shortly after that debut, we got a second option in Honey Apple Cider. Taste number three for Norse Fitness’ Fokus is Raspberry Lemon Tea, a unique but fitting addition alongside those other two, and again, it’s available from The Nutrition Stores at $50 a tub.

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