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Nutrex makes a hybrid version of Anabol with two added ingredients for weight loss

Nutrex Anabol Ripped

As we wait for the pure citrulline and EAA-backed version of Nutrex’s long-running and clinically dosed pre-workout, Outlift Clinical, the legacy sports nutrition company has rolled out something else that’s completely new. The brand has introduced Anabol Ripped, a spin-off of its long-running muscle builder Anabol or ABOL for short, backed by the plant sterol dicyclopentanone and various forms of 6-keto-diosgenin, including 6-keto-diosgenin acetate, propionate, cypionate, and decanoate, all combining for a dose of 160mg a serving.

Nutrex’s newly released Anabol Ripped has all of those same ingredients and dosages as the original or standard version of Anabol; it’s what you get alongside it that makes it something a bit different and deserving of that “Ripped” naming convention. In addition to all of that mentioned, the brand has two premium and weight management-type components by way of Cocoabuterol theobroma extract at 50mg in every liquid capsule, and GBBGO branded grains of paradise at 12.5mg to enhance thermogenesis, metabolism, and fat loss.

Anabol Ripped essentially takes all of the muscle-building benefits found in Anabol and pairs it with a couple of components to increase, improve, and support weight loss, resulting in a sort of hybrid supplement that serves both sides of the coin: building muscle and burning fat. Obviously, with everything from Anabol in Anabol Ripped and two added ingredients, the price of the spin-off is higher than that of the original at $44.99 versus $39.99 for the same bottle of 60 servings, but if you get over to shortly, there is a 35% off sale.