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Nutrex highlights a move to all nine EAAs and pure citrulline for its Outlift Clinical refresh

Nutrex 2024 Version Of Outlift Clinical Coming Soon

One of the most legendary supplements Nutrex has put out into the market over the years is the clinically dosed pre-workout Outlift, which debuted right near the beginning of the rise in complete transparency and loaded dosages. The product has gone through a few iterations and seen a number of spin-offs throughout the years, 2023 alone saw the introduction of the hybrid fat-burning pre-workout Outlift Burn and the resurgence of the high-powered competitor Outlift Amped, both keeping with that Outlift theme of solid dosages.

The original flagship Outlift pre-workout has remained in the Nutrex family, going by the name Outlift Clinical, and it looks as though fans are about to get a refreshed version of the long-running and respected supplement. The upcoming 2024 edition of Outlift Clinical will feature a look and feel in line with the recently released Outlift Burn and Outlift Amped mentioned above, and the formula is going to have a few changes from what’s currently in the pre-workout, including the uncommon inclusion of recovery-supporting aminos.

On the list of highlights coming in Nutrex’s revamped Outlift Clinical is the continuation of full dosages of beta-alanine and creatine at 3.2g and 3g, respectively, to support performance, endurance, strength, and power. Citrulline is also being carried over, but in the form of straight citrulline, not citrulline malate, at a solid 8g a serving, and again, amino acids are in there but not 6g of the three all-important BCAAs instead, fans are getting an equal 6g of all nine EAAs to take care of the muscle recovery and repair aspect.

Nutrex has undergone several tweaks and changes over the last year, alongside its eye-catching rebrand, and this refresh of its signature pre-workout Outlift Clinical will continue to keep that momentum rolling as we move through 2024. Based on the highlights the legacy sports nutrition brand callouts for the product, the evolution of Outlift Clinical will continue the approach that’s helped build and further its reputation, ensuring you get a comprehensive blend of ingredients supporting energy, pumps, performance, and strength.