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AmiNO Energy Drink rebranded in Australia but with its own distinct design

Optimum Nutrition Rebrand Amino Energy Drink In Australia

Optimum Nutrition, the sports nutrition giant and company behind the iconic protein powder, Gold Standard 100% Whey, recently rebranded its long-running energy drink in the beverage spin-off of its amino cocktail in the AmiNO Energy Drink. The brand has already gone and added to the menu of that product, releasing the berry-filled experience Berry Burst at the start of the year, and it turns out that attention on the AmiNO Energy Drink is not limited to here in the US; as similar has happened internationally.

A new look has been rolled out down under in Australia and New Zealand for Optimum Nutrition’s AmiNO Energy Drink; however, it is not the same as what we just saw. For that part of the world, the legacy brand has included all of the same specific details, but the information is displayed on an angle, and its flavor callout is nowhere near as strong. Interestingly, Optimum Nutrition has rolled out the rebrand in those countries alongside the launch of the same extension as we just got in Berry Blast.

For those wondering if anything has happened on the inside, Optimum Nutrition has only changed the outside, promising all of the same ingredients, dosages, and effects as fans in Australia and New Zealand have come to expect, and the same enjoyable tastes, with the exception of Berry Blast as that’s completely new.