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Panda and ‘Merica deliver as impressively as expected in their stacked premium pre-workout

Panda Supplements X Merica Labz First Blood Details

Panda Supplements’ latest collaboration with another powerhouse in the sports nutrition space, ‘Merica Labz, has officially launched, and it is as packed out as we had hoped. The two have come together to create a pre-workout called First Blood, and with both brands known for their stacked formulas, we figured this would continue that approach. As you can see in the facts below, Panda and ‘Merica have packed the supplement to the brim, nearing a serving size of 30g, and well over 20g of that is active ingredients.

The First Blood pre-workout from Panda Supplements and ‘Merica Labz covers you from every angle you could want in this sort of product, powering performance with double the usual 3.2g dose at 6.4g. You get a whole lot more to enhance muscle pumps by way of a huge 10g of straight citrulline, 2.5g of betaine, 250mg of pine bark, and 254mg of premium VasoDrive. The brands have also made sure you get plenty of energizing caffeine and nootropic components to elevate mental focus and drive.

Panda Supplements X Merica Labz First Blood Label

Taking care of those sensory benefits in Panda Supplements and ‘Merica Labz First Blood pre-workout is skullcap, 600mg of alpha-GPC, a respectable 2g of tyrosine, synephrine, and three forms of caffeine, blending together for just over 450mg. As mentioned, the product collaboration has you covered in all of the core areas a pre-workout can, with a bit more of a lean toward the pump side of things thanks to that 10g of citrulline, VasoDrive, and betaine, but either way, it looks like one hell of an experience in the gym.

As previously confirmed, there is what Panda Supplements and ‘Merica Labz describe as an “Epic Prize” inside each bottle of the First Blood pre-workout. From what we’ve heard, it actually might be a pair of sunglasses similar to what you see on the brands’ mascots on the front of the tubs. It’s a nice touch to an awesome partnership, especially with the likes of ‘Merica Labz involved, which is no stranger to bold moves and promotions in its marketing.

You can purchase the First Blood pre-workout collaboration from either of the brands that helped put it together in Panda Supplements and ‘Merica Labz. Similar to other collaborations Panda has done in the past, each brand has its own flavor of the product, and they’re exclusive to their respective website and retail partners. If you shop via, you’ll get First Blood in a taste called Commie Tears, and at you’ll get Freedom Fuel, both selling the loaded pre-workout at $59.99 for a tub of 20 servings.