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Gaming brand Sneak creatively crafts two special edition flavors for Valentine’s Day

Peachy Cream Sneak Shake

Sneak Shake is an intriguing experience from the gaming supplement company Sneak that puts a bit of a spin on its original energy and focus-supporting offering, Sneak Energy. Up until that drop, the UK-based brand only ever made light and refreshing flavors for the product, which is the common approach in gaming supplements, as well as things like pre-workouts and amino cocktails. Sneak Shake twists that around and does dairy-style milkshake options like Raspberry Creamsicle, and it asks that you mix it with milk, not water.

With Valentine’s Day coming up in two weeks, Sneak has decided to take the opportunity to create two new flavors, one of them is indeed for the unique Sneak Shake experience, and they’re both themed around the occasion but in a more sensual manner, as you might have expected from the creative company. Launching next week on Thursday is a Peachy Cream Sneak Shake, offering up a sweet and smooth milky peach recipe; then, for the regular flagship Sneak Energy, you get the classic fruit-filled cocktail, Sex On The Beach.

Fans and followers will be able to purchase either or both of the Valentine’s Day-themed products, Peachy Cream Sneak Shake and Sex On The Beach Sneak Energy, over at alongside some matching merchandise, including some apparel and a premium metal shaker.

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