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PEScience rebrands its stackable pre-workouts in all-over black branding

Pescience Rebrands Its Pre Workouts

While the pre-workout category is ridiculously competitive, and many sports nutrition brands these days have more than one entry, including multiple stimulant-based supplements, PEScience has had the same pair of pre-workouts for several years. Those two are the energy and focus driving Prolific and the stimulant-free pump-enhancing product High Volume, and they can be stacked together, with one filling in the gaps the other is missing, to make them even more of a match; they come in a lot of the same flavors.

PEScience has revamped the appearance of those supplements recently, which helps them stand out a fair bit compared to the rest of the members of the reputable brand’s family. Instead of the balanced blend of white and black, Prolific and High Volume are now entirely black-branded and in a similar fashion, so they look like they go together. As far as we know, nothing has changed on the inside; both Prolific and High Volume still have all of the same main ingredients, meaning fans will get the experience they’ve come to rely on.