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Protein Pancake from PrimaLife gets a makeover, fluffier texture and more flavors

Primalife Double Chocolate Protein Pancake

PrimaLife is a retailer in the UK that took a slightly different path last year and came out with its own line of products, although it wasn’t your typical house brand of protein powder or pre-workout but an entry into the functional space with Protein Pancake. Similar to other high-protein pancakes on the market, the snack is a soft and fluffy pancake that has a creamy, flavorful center, and it came to market in a few tastes, including one with a chocolate filling and another with caramel, simply named Chocolate and Caramel.

Almost half a year later, PrimaLife is refreshing the appearance of Protein Pancake and taking things that extra bit further, increasing the size of the menu with two extensions, both of them keeping with the decadent dessert theme seen in the originals. Joining the likes of Chocolate and Caramel is an even richer Double Chocolate, featuring a creamy chocolate center and a doughy chocolate-flavored pancake, and the other one is Chocolate Hazelnut, offering a Nutella-like experience with a mix of chocolate and hazelnut.

The tasty new flavors of PrimaLife’s Protein Pancake are a little lighter in the protein department at 10g a piece but maintain the low sugar and calories. It is also worth noting that while Double Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut are different experiences for fans of the brand and product, a couple of the originals are as well, as they’ve been tweaked for a softer and fluffier pancake experience. You can get your hands on all of the Protein Pancakes straight through PrimaLife’s online store at £23.99 for a box of a dozen.

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