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Redcon1 is replacing its long-running Big Noise with Total War Pump for much better pumps

Redcon1 Previews Total War Pump

Big Noise has been the go-to stimulant-free pump pre-workout from the two-time Brand Of The Year winner Redcon1 for years, and in addition to not having any stimulants and featuring a group of ingredients to enhance pumps, it has a few nootropics to additionally elevate mental focus. Again, that supplement has been a part of the brand’s family for an extensive period of time since it came to market, but now it looks as though fans of Redcon1 are getting a separate pre-workout, more specifically for pumps.

Redcon1 has shared the first look at its upcoming pump-enhancing pre-workout Total War Pump, which, despite its legacy of being with the supplement company since its inception, will be replacing Big Noise. Total War Pump is promising to be a superior pump product, packed full of reliable ingredients and dosages, still without any stimulants, so you should be able to easily stack this with the brand’s regular Total War pre-workout to juice up the pump side of the supplement and make for an even better experience.

We have only just learned of Total War Pump; however, Redcon1 has said it won’t be long before it’s going to be out and available for purchase. Alongside the quick description and summary of the Big Noise replacement, the brand has said its upcoming pump pre-workout will be dropping early next month, which is only a few days away. Redcon1 has also said that Total War Pump will be going live through the major supplement store GNC before anywhere else, although there was no mention of exclusivity.

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