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Redefine also has an authentic Chocolate Skippy flavor for its Oatmeal Protein Pie

Redefine Foods Chocolate Skippy Oatmeal Protein Pie

Redefine Foods is the new home of the creative and enjoyable functional foods originally released under Finaflex, including the soft and wholesome Oatmeal Protein Pie and the authentic, chocolate-covered Moon Pie collaboration, Power Pie, newly named Protein Pie. The products will remain the same under their new banner of Redefine Foods, and with that move is going to come a much more colorful and modern look, and what has turned out to be two authentic flavor collaborations for Oatmeal Protein Pie.

The initial announcement by Redefine Foods and Finaflex previewed a peanut butter flavor of Oatmeal Protein Pie put together in partnership with the peanut butter legend itself, Skippy. That is indeed a completely new taste, as peanut butter is not an option the protein snack has had available previously, and now we can confirm there will be another. Alongside the rebrand and reassignment, two authentic Skippy flavors have been completely unveiled in a classic Skippy and Chocolate Skippy Oatmeal Protein Pie.

All of this action with Oatmeal Protein Pie and the authentic Moon Pie collaboration, Protein Pie, should be showing up in stores and on shelves shortly. It will be incredibly difficult to miss when it rolls out with the eye-catching rebrand that’s been applied with the shift to Redefine Foods. There is eventually going to be sn online store as well at, which is currently password guarded as it’s not ready just yet.