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Loaded Bloody Hooligan returning this week after initially selling out in just four hours

Return Of Blood Hooligan

Inter-brand collaborations is something we’ve really only seen from the hardcore powerhouse Apollon Nutrition; this is where you get a combination of two supplements, Double Impact being a great example, which is a blend of the brand’s two high-stimulant pre-workouts, Hooligan and Assassin. Apollon Nutrition really changed things up last year with Bloody Hooligan, another hybrid, inter-brand collaboration that brought together the pump product Bloody Hell and the pre-workout Hooligan.

What made things different in Apollon Nutrition’s Bloody Hooligan was that it didn’t blend parts or portions of the two supplements that inspired it, like Double Impact or even its Overtime and Bare Knuckle combination, Timecop. Bloody Hooligan literally takes every ingredient in each product and puts it into the one, making for an absolutely stacked supplement built for potent energy and focus, strong performance, and extra powerful pumps, and it’s significantly better value than buying the two apart.

Apollon Nutrition originally made Bloody Hooligan as a limited-time product, something that you were never guaranteed to see again. It proved so popular it sold out in a matter of hours, and now it’s been confirmed to be coming back this week. The hardcore brand hasn’t mentioned any exact date for the return of Blood Hooligan, only that it’s hitting later this week, in line with the birthday of the CEO, Robik Samborsky, but it will have that same loaded formula, 20 servings a tub, and a price of $69.95.