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SmartSweets and Barbie make heart and roller-skate-shaped low-sugar candy

Smartsweets X Barbie Pink Lemonade Dream Candy

The rather early Easter-themed creations Berry Bunnies and Tropical Eggs aren’t the only innovations the better-for-you candy company SmartSweets is rolling out there in the early stages of the year. As exciting as those items are, especially with their entertaining lean into Easter, there is another creation from the brand coming to market that’s even more exciting. Over on Uber Eats of all places is an authentic collaboration from SmartSweets that sees it team up with the iconic fashion doll brand Barbie.

SmartSweets and Barbie have joined forces to make a delicious, bold, and pink and yellow-colored flavor of the functional food specialist’s signature low-sugar gummy candy. The product from the two brands is a Pink Lemonade Dream SmartSweets candy, and the shape of the gummies, of course, jumps on the Barbie theme. Inside each bag of the collaboration is a mix of heart and roller skate-shaped candies, both with the Barbie “B” logo, and you get the reliable SmartSweets approach of only 3g of sugar per bag.

Again, SmartSweets and Barbie’s Pink Lemonade Dream candy has shown up on Uber Eats, not your typical direct-to-consumer online store or Amazon. That’s not a place you can purchase from unless you live near a retailer that has the product in stock, so feel free to give it a try. We suspect with the authentic Barbie collaboration showing up where it has; it won’t be long before you can find Pink Lemonade Dream SmartSweets gummies over at, presumably alongside some matching merchandise.