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Sports nutrition specialist SNS adds another rare standalone product in PEA Relief

Sns Pea Relief

PEA Relief is the latest innovation out of the team at Serious Nutrition Solutions, more simply referred to as SNS, following its superior curcumin supplement Theracumin XT, revealed and released last month, featuring the 27 times more bioavailable Theracumin curcumin plus AstraGin and BioPerine. PEA Relief is similar to that product in the sense that it is designed around one primary ingredient, and that is entirely what’s in this one, as the brand hasn’t added any of your typical absorption enhancers like AstraGin or BioPerine.

Serious Nutrition Solutions’ PEA Relief is indeed all about PEA, or palmitoylethanolamide, including the ingredient at an effective 600mg in each of its 90 capsules per bottle. The purpose is also highlighted in the title, with PEA being used for this pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits, essentially a natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory supplement. There are other effects PEA naturally supports, such as cardiovascular, respiratory, and immunity, but pain relief and inflammation are the main areas PEA Relief aims to hit.

PEA Relief is very much a standalone PEA or palmitoylethanolamide supplement from Serious Nutrition Solutions; it’s not a common standalone by any means, but that is something this brand is known for. Its latest effort goes alongside the many other rare single-ingredient products it has on the market, and the price is not too bad. Directly from Serious Nutrition’s online store, before a discount code, PEA Relief will cost you $34.99, or head to its retail partner at DPS Nutrition and pay a little less at $29.99 for a bottle of 90 capsules.