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Soul Performance makes PeptiStrong a lot more accessible in its well-priced Nexus Peptide Complex

Soul Performance Nutrition Cost Effective Nexus Peptide Complex

As we continue to wait for the launch of Soul Performance Nutrition’s next two sports nutrition innovations, in Nexus Peptide Complex and Nova Immune Renewal, we’ve got an interesting bit of information regarding the former of those two supplements. It was confirmed previously that Nexus Peptide Complex would be a PeptiStrong-based product, relying on the one-of-a-kind, AI-discovered ingredient to support the building of muscle strength and size, and greatly enhance overall recovery.

Soul Performance Nutrition also mentioned that Nexus Peptide Complex would have some sort of twist to it, and we’re pretty sure we know what that is. In preparation for its release, the brand has gone and listed the muscle-building supplement on its website, providing a large enough graphic to confirm it is essentially a standalone PeptiStrong product. It relies only on the innovative ingredient and at its full and effective 2.4g daily dose, although that differentiating detail comes elsewhere regarding the product.

The price Soul Performance Nutrition is listing Nexus Peptide Complex is incredibly competitive for a PeptiStrong supplement, as there are not many out there, and of those few, none carry a regular price like this. To be fair, the other products on the market have more than just PeptiStrong in them, like Core Nutritionals’ Core Bolic, Cellucor’s P6 Ultra, and SNS’ Pepti-Plex. All of those have a regular cost of $60 or more; however, Nexus Peptide Complex comes in much lower than that at $29.99 for a full-size bottle.

That price is what Soul Performance Nutrition is currently listing on its website for Nexus Peptide Complex, and that is before any discount like Black Friday, where it went as big as 35% off, which would bring the PeptiStrong supplement under $20. The brand did indeed promise a twist or differentiating factor for Nexus Peptide Complex, and a hugely competitive price tag certainly does the job, making the still relatively new and promising ingredient a whole lot easier to incorporate into your monthly stack.