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Deformulator February 13th: Six ingredients to deformulate but only two minutes

Stack3d Deformulator

Our ongoing Deformulator is back a week after the last one, and we’ve decided to take things a little easier this time around but are still putting up a large reward where if you correctly deformulate the fictional facts panel we have up this week, you’ll be in to win a $100 gift card for Tiger Fitness. As we approach the Arnold Sports Festival and our responsibilities and time get a bit tighter on that side, we may jump one or two of our supplement puzzles, but for the week of Valentine’s Day it is live and ready to play.

Again, we’ve taken things a little easier this time around; however, there is a catch. While there are only six ingredients you need to correctly figure out the dose of, the majority of them being pump-enhancing components, you have just two minutes each attempt. Previously, we’ve done four and five minutes, but have chopped it down to two purely because there aren’t as many to figure out, and you can divide them up rather swiftly. If you’d like to have a crack at this week’s Deformulator, simply head over to, enter your full name and email address, and give it a shot with five attempts per person.

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