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Steel takes inspiration from Heath Ledger’s Joker for its latest eye-catching flavor family

Steel Supplements Crimson Rebel Series

The team at the hardcore sports nutrition company Steel Supplements has done its fair share of flavor families over the last little bit, and it has been known to do them well beyond two or three products. The last series we saw from the brand was the Manu Manu Paradise Collection, involving a tropical blend of mango and strawberry. That taste was put together for six different supplements, including the pre-workouts Charged-AF, Amped-AF, Pumped-AF, and Pre, the amino Hyperade, and the peri-workout ADAbolic.

Here to start 2024 for Steel Supplements is another flavor family in the Crimson Rebel Series, seemingly inspired by Heath Ledger’s take on the classic Batman villain the Joker, in The Dark Knight. You can see that theme in the marketing of the collection as well as the branding of the flavor, which, in true flavor series style, is consistent across each of the products it comes in. The brand has produced its Crimson Rebel flavor for five supplements in Charged-AF, Amped-AF, Pre, Pumped-AF, and the loaded ADAbolic.

For those wondering what exactly Steel Supplements’ Joker-inspired flavor Crimson Rebel tastes like, all we have is that it’s along the lines of a nostalgic beverage, so if you decide to grab it in any of those products, we don’t have any idea on what kind of experience you’re in for. You can grab Charged-AF, Amped-AF, Pre, Pumped-AF, and the loaded ADAbolic in Crimson Rebel through the brand’s online store, and there is a sampler as well where you get a single-serving sachet of each one plus a shirt and shaker for $14.99.