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Steel Supplements blends mango and strawberry for its latest tropical flavor series

Steel Supplements Manu Manu Paradise Flavor Series

We haven’t seen a whole lot of supplement innovation or completely new products from the hardcore company Steel Supplements lately; however, it has been rather busy on the flavor series side, releasing two in the last year with Mojito Miami and Miami Lights. While we continue to wait for the brand’s long-awaited and highly-anticipated energy drink named Omni Energy, Steel has gone and rolled out another special edition flavor series in the six-piece Manu Manu Paradise collection.

Steel Supplements’ latest flavor series, with each of its products featuring a similar paradise-themed label design, consists of the pre-workouts Charged-AF, Amped-AF, Pumped-AF, and the more straightforward Pre, the carbohydrate-infused amino Hyperade, and the loaded peri-workout ADAbolic. For a limited time, each of those is available through the brand’s online store, and for those wondering what Manu Manu Paradise tastes like, it is a tropical blend of mango and strawberry.