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Chocolate specialist Sweet Robyn’s is making a bar with 14g protein and just 136 calories

Sweets Robyns Smaller Protein Bar

Sweet Robyn’s, out of the UK, is a functional food company known for its genuinely delicious blocks of better-for-you chocolate, and they are indeed incredibly enjoyable, with a host of different tastes to choose from, including our favorite of the family in Midnight Raspberry. The creative brand is about to evolve into something else very shortly with a whole new line of products that will continue that functional and tasty approach but with an added focus and in a more traditional and convenient format.

Coming soon from Sweet Robyn’s is a protein bar made with decadent milk chocolate and rich dark chocolate, and various bits and pieces depending on the flavor. The brand is launching the product in the same three flavors as its previous chocolate blocks in Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Caramel, and Chocolate Raspberry Crisp. We have yet to see exactly what Sweet Robyn’s Protein Bar looks like, but we do know its macros are they’re pretty impressive, with a respectable 14g of protein, low sugar, and 136 to 167 calories.

If the brand manages to deliver the same sort of delicious experience it does in its blocks of chocolate in the Sweet Robyn’s Protein Bar, we look forward to stocking up. At 14g of protein and the 136 calories of the Chocolate Raspberry Crisp, that is right around the macro balance of other top competitors. If you scale up the nutrition or just have one and a half of the product, you’d get 21g of protein to 204 calories; again, it’s a solid macro profile, which won’t many much competition if the taste is as good as we’ve come to expect from Sweet Robyn’s.

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