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Hooligan V7 is in the works at Apollon and promises to be a whole different beast

Hooligan V7 Inj The Works

Hooligan is Apollon Nutrition’s balanced but still strong and high-stimulant pre-workout, with 650mg of caffeine a serving, plus several other key components, including 8g of pure citrulline for pumps and 600mg of alpha-GPC to elevate the focus side of things. This supplement is separate from Assassin, the brand’s other well-known pre-workout, which is similarly high in caffeine, although it is much more about intense energy and focus compared to the balanced and comprehensive approach found in Hooligan.

It was almost two years ago that Apollon Nutrition updated its Hooligan pre-workout to Hooligan V6, and now we have word that the hardcore supplement company is about to make another leap and introduce version number seven of the long-standing product. While Hooligan V7 isn’t near release, saying it’s as much as half a year away from becoming available, the brand does have it in testing and is currently sampling it out to members of its equally hardcore and legendary Apollon Gym, in Edison, New Jersey.

Basically, the news is Hooligan V7 is in development, and if that weren’t enough, Apollon Nutrition is saying this will be much more than the typical reformulation. The reputable award-winning brand is going as far as saying it will be a whole different beast, featuring a few surprises, and it is unlike any other past version of the pre-workout. That is more than enough to get us excited and potentially head over to Apollon Gym and get a pre-release sample, again, something Apollon Gym members have already done.