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It looks as though Prime’s UFC 300 edition features a familiar Lemonade flavor

What Does Ufc 300 Prime Hydration Drink Taste Like

Prime recently released another special edition version of its original and signature beverage, the Prime Hydration Drink, which is the official sports drink of the UFC. The latest variant of the product the brand from Logan Paul and KSI has put together is actually in partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, specifically its upcoming milestone event, UFC 300. The Prime Hydration Drink themed around that show, has the UFC 300 logo on the front, right where the flavor would usually be, leaving a lot of people to wonder what exactly this is meant to taste like.

While we have yet to get our hands on the product ourselves, we might have found exactly what kind of taste fans and followers of the sports drink are in for with the UFC 300 Prime Hydration Drink. Over on GNC, one of the first places to show up with stock of the limited edition beverage, there is a list of highlights, like the other pages, rattling off key features of the electrolyte-backed sports drink. In there, specifically on the page for the UFC 300 Prime Hydration Drink over at, is the list of highlights, including coconut water, electrolytes, and a “Lemonade Flavor”.

It appears based on the description GNC has put forward, that the UFC 300 Prime Hydration Drink has a lemonade taste to it, presumably similar or maybe even identical to the experience you get in the brand’s actual Lemonade-named flavor. You can see it for yourself over at right at the top of the list of highlights for the UFC 300 edition, again reading “Lemonade Flavor”, only on the page of that variant. You can head over to GNC’s online store to grab a case of the UFC 300 Prime Hydration Drink at $29.99, giving you plenty of time to stock up for UFC 300 itself.

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