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Blackberry Lemonade officially going live at Vitamin Shoppe in ten days

Where To Buy Blackberry Lemonade Gorilla Mind Energy Drink

Gorilla Mind has officially announced the flavor we got word on last week, adding to its already extensive selection of options for the advanced and genuinely effective nootropic beverage, the Gorilla Mind Energy Drink. The newest extension to the menu is an uncommon one but something that can be damn good when executed well with Blackberry Lemonade, blending the sweet taste of blackberry with the familiar citrus twist of lemonade.

Again, the all-new Blackberry Lemonade Gorilla Mind Energy Drink has now officially been announced by the sports nutrition powerhouse itself, and with that unveiling has come confirmation of precisely when it is going to be available. While there are reports of individuals already getting their hands on it from retailers, the product is not said to be going live until the 7th of next month, which is about ten days or so away, on Thursday of next week.

The Blackberry Lemonade Gorilla Mind Energy Drink is also exclusive to The Vitamin Shoppe, the fourth exclusive flavor at the major sports nutrition retailer, joining the likes of Tropic Storm and Lucky Lemonade. We’re not sure however if Blackberry Lemonade will be like those other Vitamin Shoppe exclusives and also be available through Gorilla Mind’s website or will the supplement store be the one and only place to go to get it.