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GAT officially launches Nitraflex Kaos at $55 or $50 for the stimulant-free version

Where To Buy Gat Nitraflex Kaos

GAT Sport recently and completely unveiled its latest innovation for the saturated pre-workout category with Nitraflex Kaos. Designed to power all of the core pre-workout benefits and effects, Nitraflex Kaos is infused with a rather robust formula, including citrulline and NO3-T nitrates for enhanced nitric oxide production and a huge 6g of beta-alanine for increased endurance. The supplement has plenty of other components for energy and focus, including tyrosine, theobromine, Dynamine, and a potent 350mg of caffeine from two sources.

Fans of GAT Sport interested in trying the all-new Nitraflex Kaos will be pleased to hear the pre-workout is now available for purchase directly through as well as the brand’s major retail partner The Vitamin Shoppe. Either way you go, you’ll pay the premium price of $54.99 for a tub of 20 maximum servings of the regular Nitraflex Kaos, or get the white variant that doesn’t have any stimulants at $49.99. GAT’s latest pre-workout also comes in the same two flavors, regardless of version in Berry Lemonade and White Cherry Limeade.

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