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JNX Sports premier protein powder has arrived in tubs and sachet options

Where To Buy Jnx Sports The Curse Protein Powder

JNX Sports’ foray into the competitive world of protein powder with The Curse Ultra Premium Whey was teased and completely unveiled last week, making the brand’s first-ever protein supplement the significant deal it deserves to be. The product packs plenty of muscle-building protein at a solid 25g a serving primarily from whey isolate and whey concentrate secondary, and low numbers elsewhere with 2g of carbohydrates and 1.5g of fat, with 120 calories in reliably delicious Double Chocolate and Vanilla Bean flavors.

The Curse Ultra Premium Whey has gone live first over in JNX Sports’ online store in all of its promised purchase options, and there are plenty, making it just as easy to invest and stock up as it is to sample the supplement by trying a few servings. Over at you can get a 2lb tub of the product will cost you $37.99 and the much larger, two and a half times heavier, in fact, 5lber is $77.99. In addition to the bottles, there are single serving sachets that’ll cost you $2.49 a piece, and a sample box of 15 sachets at $34.99.

Again, JNX Sports is not short on options for its entry into the world of protein powder with The Curse Ultra Premium Whey, which is great to see, as providing for both sides of the coin — fans that want a great value bulk bottle and newcomers that want to sample — is always a great way to launch a supplement.