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After selling out in 25 minutes MuscleTech’s Peptide 185 is about to be restocked

Where To Buy Muscletech Peptide 185

Peptide 185 is the latest innovation from the sports nutrition giant MuscleTech that has been making headlines and getting plenty of attention as of late due to the fact the ingredient behind it is exclusive to the legacy brand, and it has some impressively promising benefits. As MuscleTech’s Scientific Affairs and Product Innovation Officer Raza Bashir recently went over in our interview, Peptide 185 and its key ingredient, DL-185 dileucine, greatly improve muscle protein synthesis by as much as 60% compared to regular leucine and 159% next to placebo.

MuscleTech officially launched Peptide 185 recently through its online store at, and while you may have missed it, that’s not on you. The brand sold through every unit it had ridiculously quickly, in less than half an hour after everything went live. We’re currently running a bottle right now to see how it performs and delivers in the gym, and if you’d like to get your hands on it, we’ve got a date for when the brand is expected to restock the DL-185-powered Peptide 185, and we’re giving you this much heads up as you may miss out without it.

In about one week, on the 8th of February, Thursday of next week, MuscleTech is replenishing stock levels of Peptide 185 on its website, where you will, once again, be able to purchase bottles of 28 servings or four week’s worth. The price of the muscle-building and recovery-enhancing supplement is $89.99 before any ongoing discount code, but we suggest being ready for that day. As mentioned, the brand sold through all units in less than half an hour, and even though MuscleTech has more planned for its restock, it could all be snatched up just as swiftly.