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Boba Tea Protein crafts another incredibly unique flavor that almost immediately sells out

Wintermelon Milk Tea Boba Tea Protein

The latest taste creation from always fast-selling Boba Tea Protein arrived today in Wintermelon Milk Tea specifically for its flagship supplement, the grass-fed whey isolate protein powder. As far as we know, this is an industry-first flavor combining the refreshing taste of wintermelon and the creamy essence of milk tea, offering a truly unique and delightful experience for fitness enthusiasts and also boba tea lovers. That is all combined with the typically high-quality blend of ingredients found in the Boba Tea Protein product.

Like the other flavors of Boba Tea Protein’s grass-fed whey protein powder, Wintermelon Milk Tea packs 25g of protein a serving alongside 5g of carbohydrates, only a gram of sugar, and 4g of fat, and 160 calories. In an almost unsurprising but still impressive development, the Wintermelon Milk Tea flavor of the brand’s grass-fed whey protein powder has already completely sold out. This is a common occurrence of Boba Tea Protein, but there is a good chance it’ll be back has happened with other fast-selling drops.