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X-Gamer swaps out three flavors of its calorie-free X-Zero for three completely new experiences

X Gamer Tropical X Zero

X-Zero is a no-sugar and completely zero-calorie gaming supplement from the Swedish specialist X-Gamer, featuring most of the same ingredients as the original to provide quick, clean, and convenient energy whenever you need it. The product brings together a blend of B vitamins, an almost non-existent level of taurine at 10mg, a lighter dose of caffeine compared to the brand’s self-titled X-Gamer supplement at 100mg, but again, no sugar, carbohydrates, or calories, versus 6g of carbs, just under half of that sugar, and 27 calories.

One of the most impressive parts of X-Gamer’s X-Zero was the number of flavors it debuted in, a hefty total of eight. That included the likes of Blueberry Coconut, Japanese Cherry, and some Christmassy creations in Ginbgerbread Blizzard and something called Xmas Tree. Three of those original eight are no longer listed in the brand’s official online store, but this week, three more have taken their place in Yummy Yuzu, a classic Blue Raspberry, and Tropical, keeping the menu fun and full, and they’re all now available at

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