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Unique Sneak Shake Series lands its first extension in a fitting Banana Waffle

Banana Waffle Sneak Shake

Sneak Shake is Sneak Energy’s unique flavor series that steps away from the typical clear and fruity experiences like Grape Crush, Cherry Bomb, and Blue Raspberry, and indeed takes a one-of-a-kind milkshake approach. All of the options in the Sneak Shake family are designed to be mixed with milk not water, and enjoyed like a milkshake, with the first three entries in the collection being Vanilla, Raspberry Creamsicle, and Caramel Latte, and beginning this week, there is a fourth taste to choose from.

Sneak Energy only recently made its Sneak Shake Series permanent after launching later last year and then bringing it back shortly after due to demand and feedback from fans. The first-ever extension for that line keeps the milkshake theme going strong with Banana Waffle, and like the others, it’s best mixed with milk for all of the energy and focus benefits of the brand’s signature Sneak Energy supplement but in the form of a milkshake. It is available over at at £22.50 (28.40 USD), which is lower than a regular bottle of Sneak Energy, although that’s because it has 15 servings, not 40.

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