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BEAM shares more information on its innovative canned superfood beverage

Beam Greens Drink

After getting a sneak peek a couple of days ago, the premium sports nutrition brand BEAM has shared a complete look at its first-ever beverage, and surprisingly, it is not an energy drink like everyone else is coming out with, nor is it something traditional like a protein shake or hydration beverage. BEAM is taking one of the first categories it jumped into when it made its debut in superfood — where it competes with Super Greens — and is turning it into a canned drink.

BEAM’s Greens beverage features ten different fruits and vegetables in a classic 12oz soda can, with electrolytes and probiotics also in the mix for hydration and gut health. The product won’t have any added sugar or absolutely nothing artificial, inherently meaning it’ll be naturally flavored and sweetened. One of the big questions remaining is whether or not it’s carbonated, as it does come in a can, although while a sparkling greens drink sounds interesting, we’re guessing it’s flat.

The intriguing and innovative BEAM Greens drink is making its debut at this year’s Expo West convention next week in Anaheim, California in a sweet Pink Lemonade flavor; however, there will be some time before fans can actually get out there and purchase it. The brand is saying the Expo West appearance will very much be a showcase or demonstration of the product, and it won’t apparently be launching until sometime later in the year.

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