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Bodylab’s collection of protein powder expands to include a slow-release offering

Bodylab Casein Protein

Danish powerhouse Bodylab has a completely new competitor in the protein powder category, separate from its many other well-known supplements in the space, including the mainstream-level Whey 100, the gourmet alternative Whey 100 Deluxe, and the clear and refreshing Clear Whey. Casein Protein is the product the brand has pumped out, and it is precisely what it says in its name, with a quality protein competitor that relies entirely on slow-release and more nighttime-suited micellar casein.

Bodylab’s Casein Protein provides 21.3g of protein in a typical 30g serving, a low 2.85g of carbohydrates, a pinch under a gram of that is sugar at 990mg, the fat is equally light at 1.41g, ending on a reasonable calorie count of just 109. Casein-based protein powders typically have a thicker, sludgier consistency, which we have to imagine is the case here in Casein Protein, and it has debuted in two flavors, both of them as traditional as it gets in the category with Vanilla Milkshake and Ultimate Chocolate.

Bodylab is a reasonably priced brand, and that is as clear as ever in its all-new Casein Protein, sitting at DKK 149 (21.62 USD) for a bag of 750g, working out to about 25 servings going off the 30g, providing 21g of protein, and that is a temporary introductory price, down from its usual 219 DKK.

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