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Bombbar adds a soft and crunchy wafer-style protein bar to its ever-growing arsenal

Bombbar Wafer Protein Bar

Bombbar in Russia had an incredibly impressive streak going up until the end of last year, deservedly winning our Functional Brand Of The Year Award three years in a row due to its endless innovation and reliable creativity. The functional food specialist wasn’t quite as busy and fast-paced in 2023, leading to Spain’s Life Pro Nutrition taking home the annual title, but today, we have the first drop we’ve shared since the start of the year in Bombbar’s High Protein Wafer.

The latest snack from Bombbar is, indeed, a crispy and crunchy wafer-style protein bar, taking three soft and crunchy wafer layers, and in between each of them is a flavorful cream. The catch with this sort of bar, or any type of functional food involving wafers, is that when they add the extra protein, it makes for a truly mouth-drying experience. We’re not sure if that’s the case on Bombbar’s High Protein Wafer, although, to be fair, its nutrition profile isn’t too protein-loaded.

Each of the High Protein Wafers from Bombbar comes with 10g of protein in a 45g piece, a slightly higher 13g of fat, just 8g of carbohydrates, and none of that sugar, ending on a calorie count of 196. As mentioned, the protein isn’t supremely hefty, staying far away from that typical 20g, suggesting it may be tasty but certainly not guaranteeing it. The product has two flavors with Vanilla Ice Cream and Nut Ice Cream wrapped in milk chocolate and packaged in boxes of 12.

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