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Ever-creative and consistent Bombbar wins its third Functional Brand Of The Year title

Bombbar Chika Ring Doughnut

When it comes to our Brand Of The Year Awards, we look for the same qualities and effort, regardless of the category, whether it be the prestigious overall title or one of the more specialized awards like International Brand Of The Year. Over the past few years, there has been one company that just continues to impress us with innovative and tasty, high-protein and low-calorie treats and snacks, and that is Bombbar.

Due to its relentless ability to consistently keep fans on their toes with an impressive and untouchable variety of products, Bombbar is, once again, taking home our Functional Brand Of The Year Award. This is the third time in a row the functional food company has won the title, and that’s purely because it ticks all of the boxes for us, consistently releasing new and exciting items, and always tweaking and improving its lineup.

Bombbar rolled out several unique products across the year with the likes of its Pickled Cucumbers flavor of Crispy Chips, the beverage Vitaminized featuring vitamin and minerals, and Chika Ring Donut, which is a soft doughnut featuring a creamy filling inside the ring. The brand won our Functional Brand Of The Year title as it has pumped out interesting items like those mentioned from January through to December, always giving followers something different to look forward to on their next order.

One of the core features of Bombbar is it divides its variety of functional items and lifestyle supplements into subbrands. There is Snaq Fabriq for all of your non-high-protein, low-sugar, and carbohydrate needs; Chikalab for a great balance of moderate protein and calories, and delicious flavor-first designs and formats; then finally, Bombbar’s main family of products under its own name which also dabbles in supplements and nutrition.

Once again, Bombbar has had a stellar year, putting on a show for brands from any area of the industry, and setting the standard for its functional competition, by not always doing familiar formats and types of products many have seen and tried before. We are definitely excited to see what 2023 brings, as knowing Bombbar, it’ll be gearing up for another display of creativity and innovation, and like ’20, ’21, and ’22, we’re here for it.

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