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Billion-dollar-brand Celsius shares plan to enter the market in Australia and New Zealand

Celsius Energy Drink Coming To Australia And New Zealand

Celsius has had an incredible impact on the energy drink market, officially becoming a billion-dollar brand, as they say, after an amazing performance in 2023, where it took home an incredibly impressive 1.3 billion dollars in revenue. The beverage competitor is certainly climbing the ladder, and one of the moves up-and-comers tend to make to continue their growth and genuinely maximize their potential is to look and go outside of their home country, and that is precisely what Celsius is about to do.

Celsius has teamed up with the manufacturer and distributor Suntory Beverage & Food Oceania to indeed produce and handle distribution of its selection of products launching down under in Australia and New Zealand closer to the end of the year. Plenty of brands compete in that market, both internationally and domestically, with the sports nutrition behemoth Ghost recently bringing its energy drink offering to the region with a few tweaks to the formula and in a different set of flavors.

We’re not sure what sort of changes Celsius will be making for its energy drink to be able to be sold in the region, but we know there will be some as Australia has a limit of 160mg of caffeine in a 500ml beverage, which is what Ghost Energy switched to. The signature Celsius energy drink has 200mg of caffeine in a 12oz or 355ml can, so if it were to follow the rules and regulations of 32mg of caffeine per 100ml, it’d drop down to 113mg of caffeine, that is, if it sticks to its original size from the US.

Celsius has said that Suntory Beverage & Food Oceania will begin manufacturing and distribution of its hugely successful energy drink in the fourth quarter of the year, so around October to December, leaving plenty of time between now and then, and from there, it’ll build into the New Year.

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