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Chiefs creates a collection of milk protein drinks infused with a variety of functional benefits

Chiefs Vitamin Milk

Functional food specialist Chiefs has been incredibly interesting and intriguing on its journey in the business, frequently pumping out completely new products, and many of those have been unique items like the High Protein Bun, packing 11g of protein, and the nutritious Protein Muesli. The wheels never stop at Chiefs and it is back to kick the week off with a completely new line of products available in the convenience store giant COOP in its home country of Switzerland.

The latest from Chiefs is called Vitamin Milk, and there are four variants, each of them offering a different flavor experience, but that’s not where the separation ends. Each of those flavors carries a slightly different name as specific ingredients have been put into each one for varying benefits and effects. The Chiefs Vitamin Milk family includes Perform in a Mango flavor with vitamins K and D, magnesium, and guarana for caffeine to provide some uplifting energy.

Chiefs Vitamin Milk Relax

Next up is Protect, the immunity-supporting Chiefs Vitamin Milk with added vitamins D and E, selenium, and curcumin; then it’s Reload with a blend of vitamins B6 and B12 and acai for caffeine-free energy in a sweet berry-flavored milk. Last but not least is Relax, designed specifically for drinking at night for better sleep or simply to help you relax and unwind, and in this one, for that purpose, you get some vitamin B12, biotin, and the multi-benefit ingredient ashwagandha.

Chiefs Vitamin Milk is available beginning this month, again, in COOP, and it is worth noting that each of those variants of the beverage is high in protein. Being that they’re milk-based, they are made with skimmed milk and milk protein, and provide 10 to 11g of protein a bottle, 12 to 16g of carbohydrates, with 11 to 15g of that sugar, 1.8 to 2.2g of fat, and calories ranging from 106 to 124. It’s an impressively alternative selection of beverages, and even more interesting that it switches up the flavor and benefits from one item to the next for a genuinely comprehensive selection.