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Perfect Snacks scatters dark chocolate chips across the top of a dark chocolate Perfect Bar

Chocolate Brownie Perfect Bar

The original refrigerated protein bar, the Perfect Bar from the similarly named Perfect Snacks, has a new flavor out just in time for Easter, and like the occasion, it involves rich and decadent chocolate. The functional company has created a Chocolate Brownie Perfect Bar, offering a different sort of chocolate experience to the few it already has available. Built for the cocoa connoisseur, Chocolate Brownie blends a dark chocolate main body with equally dark chocolate chips scattered across the top of the protein treat.

Perfect Snacks makes its signature and smooth refrigerated Perfect Bar with peanut butter, honey, cashew butter, egg white powder, and, on this occasion, actual dark chocolate for an authentic chocolate lover’s taste and texture. The macros of the Chocolate Brownie Perfect Bar start with 12g of protein, followed by 17g of fat, and 27g of carbohydrates, 4g of that fiber and 18g sugar, for a calorie count of 290. It’s certainly not the leanest protein snack out there, hence why we refer to it as a protein treat. You can get it this week from, and if you get in soon there is a deal with 20% off a box of a dozen.