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Chocolate chip meets cheesecake in the newest flavor of the Power Crunch Protein Bar

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Power Crunch Protein Bar

Power Crunch is one of the most popular wafer-style protein snacks in the US; in fact, its signature product is none other than the Power Crunch Protein Bar, featuring a classic crispy and crunchy consistency covered in delicious flavor, varying from option to option. The macros on the snack are not near that of your typical bar-format protein snack at 12 to 14g of protein per 40g piece, between 5 to 8g of sugar, and calories hovering above the 200 mark around 220, but it does get you close to that wafer experience.

The Power Crunch Protein Bar has a new taste on its menu this month, and it sounds like quite the combination with Chocolate Chip Cheesecake. Chocolate chip is a flavor we’ve seen a few functional food specialists deliver on, although throwing cheesecake into the mix certainly makes things interesting, as standalone cheesecake protein bars tend to be hit or miss. If you’d like to give the new Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Power Crunch Protein Bar a shot, it’s been on the market for a couple of weeks, including at

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